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Free Shipping and QuadPay Available
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The online shopping experience

Being new to running my own online store, I have learned that either people hate online shopping or they absolutely love it! But what drives a consumer to either side of the fence? Me personally, I have always enjoyed online shopping and understood that one bad experience is the exception, not the rule. I also understand that people who have had bad experiences have dealt with issues such as disappointing products, negative customer service, and electronic payment mishaps!

But what can you do to enhance the level of comfort in knowing that your money is safe? Start by trying to contact the retailer in some way. Email, phone, etc. This can give you an idea of who or what you are dealing with and if their idea of customer service is aligned with yours. Inquire about payment, shipping and return policies and start off purchasing something small. That way there is minimal exchange involved and you can get an idea of how business will be with this retailer in the future. A retailer should earn your trust!

LaVertas Couture is a new affordable boutique, where we want every customer to log off, feeling confident and excited about their shopping experience. We welcome any feedback and are learning everyday how to connect that much more with our customers! We thank you for clicking in and hope to see you again!

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